Your error message doesn’t look quite right.  Might it have been:

Error loading C:\Docume~1\LocalS~1\Applic~1\Haltan\Haadapt.dll 

In any event, it looks like malware.

You research errors like this by doing a Google search for the file name.  Usually they turn up no hits.

When a search results in either no hits or suspicious hits, the answer usually is that the file in question is malware-related and your anti-malware application has deleted or quarantined the file but left behind the Windows registry entry that attempts to start the malware when you start up your computer.

First, download, install, update, and run full scans with both of these free scanning tools (don’t opt for the free trial of the Pro version):

MalwareBytes AntiMalware

Don’t run the scans simultaneously.  They may take a while, so start one up and then go do a non-computer chore for a while.

If the scans don’t fix the problem (and they may not, because the actual malware file has already been dealt with), then download and run Autoruns.  Click the “Logon” tab and look in the “Image Path” column for the dll file named in your error message (i.e., Haadapt.dll).  If it isn’t shown in the Logon tab, click the “Everything” tab and use the File > Search tool.  An idiosyncrasy of the Autoruns search tool is that you have to move the selection line below the “found” item before you “Find Next.”

Once you find the line with the offending file, either “Delete” it or (if you want to be safer) uncheck it.  The latter prevents the line from being executed but you can reactivate it later by replacing the check mark.

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