Do you mean seventeen hundred events or error 1701?

provide more information please, make and model of pc, current antivirus, OS and service pack.


Now, first, open event viewer, highlight¬†”¬†applications” right click, choose clear all events, do the same with security, and with system, (and all other logs).

Then, restart computer, look in event viewer again, if any error occurs now you know it will be current, and not something that has been in there for awhile.

Third, if an error occurs, you can double click it and a box will open with error msg, at bottom there will be a link for help and support, click it, a box will open to send report to Microsoft, say yes, then another box will open up with an explanation and possible user action to correct problem.

If after all this, and you can not clear problem then copy, third button down on upper right, looks like an open book, this will copy it to your clipboard.

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