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You cannot delete visualization collections that are included with Windows Media Player.

Try the steps below and check if it helps.


a)    Click on Start menu, click the Run box and type cmd then press Enter

Switch to the Visualizations folder by typing the following command:

CD /d “%Programfiles%\Windows Media Player\Visualizations”

b)    And press Enter

c)     Type DIR to get the directory listing, and spot the DLL file name for the Visualization that you want to remove. (For example, blaze.dll is for BlazingColors, ColorCub.dll is for ColorCubes, and so forth.

d)    After finding the DLL file name, unregister the module using the regsvr32.exe command:

regsvr32.exe  -u  <filename.dll>

You should see the following message after running the above command:

DllUnregisterServer in <filename.dll> succeeded.


After unregistering the dll fine, simply delete the file from the visualization folder. The Visualization should no longer be listed when you open Windows Media Player the next time.

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